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Nectresse: Image

Position: Pre-visualization Storyboards, Editor & Motion Graphics

Company: Johnson & Johnson, Napoleon Group

Projects: Nectresse Announcement Campaign

Technologies: After Effects, Photoshop, Premiere Pro 

This commercial is one of my favorite pieces. The opening shot with a Nectresse butterfly perched on a monk fruit is beautiful. Nectresse was introduced in 2012 by McNeil Nutritionals, LLC, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson. McNeil wanted to delight its viewers with feel-good production. This commercial supported the product for 5 years. 

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Early storyboard still.png
Nectresse: Image

The most difficult part of the production was animating the butterflies. I can not take credit, the wonderful 3D animators at the Napoleon Group put in the hours to make it look right.  We all laughed at the rough cut because the butterflies looked more like vampire bats. Not the type of thing you want flying towards your cup of coffee.

Nectresse: Text
Nectresse: Image

Don’t forget to look for the coffee press at the end of the commercial. When I would create a storyboard or previsualization I always added that exact coffee press. It just seemed perfect so I am always impressed when the final commercial has the exact same one. That is attention to detail.

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