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Rhino Construction

Defining an Experience: Welcome

Summary: Time to Renovate

  • Position: UX Designer & Brand Consultant

  • Type of Company: Construction Company

  • Project: Customer Surveys, Interviews, Site Design, and Visual Refresh

  • Technologies: User Survey, User Interviews, Card Sorting, Sketch, Affinity Designers, Photoshop, Illustrator

Rhino Construction is a construction company delivering landmark residential, commercial, and industrial projects throughout America. As the Senior UX Designer & Brand Consultant, I collaborated with marketing, leadership, and the owner to create a user experience curated for their desired clients.

Defining an Experience: Services


Define the user experience for both mobile and web within 6 months to provide value for premium construction clients. I would create a consistent user experience regarding user flow, visuals, tone, and behaviors based on user research.

My approach was to collect feedback from existing and potential customers, bring past projects to light in a shareable form and place them as a leader in the online construction community.

Defining an Experience: Text

Problem: "Fixer Upper"

The site was losing target customers due to outdated brand choices, legacy web standards, and broken mobile pages. It looked pretty straight forward. However, user testing would reveal how a key feature was missing from the beginning.

Defining an Experience: Services
Defining an Experience: Image

Collecting User Feedback

Not every project needs a survey, but every company needs feedback. I wrote and conducted surveys to create natural experiences utilizing feedback loops. After reviewing current feedback, I wrote surveys that could be used before, during, and after a project. While working with the front desk administrator, I understood feedback was coming in but not being documented. The surveys helped inform my decisions and future projects.  My goal was to: 

  • Discover clear and actionable insights

  • Write clean, simple, and unbiased questions

  • Ask the right types of questions in the best order

  • Focus on completion time instead of the # of questions

Defining an Experience: Services

Project  Survey

5 sample Rhino questions:

  1. Was the quality of the work what you expected?  

  2. Did the job start on time? 

  3. Were the workers on the job courteous and professional?

  4. Was the job completed in a timely manner? 

  5. Would you refer our company to someone else? 

Branding Survey

5 sample Rhino questions:

  1. Share 3 words you'd use to describe Rhino Construction?

  2. What do you think this company does?

  3. Is this logo trustworthy?

  4. Would you change any of the colors of this logo?

  5. What comes to mind when you look at this logo?

Contractor Survey

5 sample Rhino questions:

  1. How would you rate your experience with our contractor?

  2. Were they able to answer your questions or concerns?

  3. Would you like to work with this person again?

  4. Overall, how would you rate their performance?

  5. How could they improve the Rhino experience?

User Testing

5 sample Rhino questions:

  1. Was the Rhino website easy to use?

  2. What would you change about it?

  3. How would you describe the Rhino site?

  4. What are you hoping to accomplish by visiting our website?

  5. How would you request a quote?

Defining an Experience: Experience

Survey Says!

Giving negative feedback can be challenging. I delivered these findings in person, prioritized the problems we can solve, and provided a plan for addressing those problems. I used best practice examples to keep negative news from being taken personally. Applying the format of Good, Better, Best prevents the feedback from sounding bad and more as options for improvement. Here are some key results:

  • 100% of mobile users said requesting a quote is their main priority

  • 100% disliked the quoting system

  • 16% could locate quote form in under a minute

  • 84% would not hire them based on their site alone

The results for Rhino Construction informed the owner and marketing about their image and ease of use. Hearing feedback from outside the organization confirmed their hypothesis on several issues. ​​

Defining an Experience: Bio

Let's Put Our Results to Work

Defining an Experience: Services
Rhino SAJP WireFrames V06.png
Defining an Experience: Image

3 Personas

Based on past client data, stakeholder interviews, and our first round of testing I was able to create 3 personas. One for residential, commercial, and industrial. Some shared aspects are:

  • High net-worth

  • 35-55 years of age

  • Already owns buildings or lots

  • Interested in high-end and modern amenities

  • Attracted to crisp, clean styling with natural light

Defining an Experience: Services

"Quote Button" in Navigation

After the first round of testing, I included a "Request a Quote" to my wireframes. Multiple versions were tested and placing the button above the main navigation bar proved to be best. We reduced the previous quote request system to name, phone, email, and description field. A question residential, commercial, and industrial was added to help filter results internally.

Defining an Experience: Services

Designing a Floor Plan

Before you can jump into building a house, you need a logical floor plan. I used my UX Kits - Website Deck to help remind the clients of possible options and wrote down additional ideas with dry erase on the back of the cards. 

Information Architecture: Sketch

I wanted to take both the clients' and users' needs into account, improving upon the site's current functionality. In Sketch App, I've constructed a sketch web-flow library. It helps speed up IA tremendously and is something I can maintain myself.



We approved these wireframes in two rounds, skipping a mid-fidelity mockup. Content creation was clean and quick. Our mantra was, "show don't tell." The copy was kept brief, allowing images and testimonials to shine.

Defining an Experience: Services
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Rhino Construction

Defining an Experience: Bio
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Final Results: Quotes Up 84%

Rhino Construction's goal was reached, ahead of schedule and within budget. Before launching, the site received some minor updates to fix immediate problems. The "Request a Quote" feature proved to be a big win for Rhino as gave away to immediately funnel requests to the correct person. This feature came directly from user flow & testing. 

  • Online quote submissions increased by 84% from last year

  • Visits to Rhino Construction increase 3x from mobile visits

  • Additional metadata improved Google results

  • Site load time is now 2 seconds compared to 14 seconds thanks to cleaner code

Defining an Experience: Services

Quotes Up 84%

3x As Many Visits

Easier To Find

Site Speed Improved

Defining an Experience: List

What I Learned

I learned about creating an environment of feedback. When giving notes, be mindful of how connected someone is to their job and company. Someone poured themselves into a previous project like the logo or website. Respecting their creators and remembering how they helped get Rhino Construction to this point was always on my mind.

Defining an Experience: Services

Tell Me About Yourself

I'd love to discuss my offline portfolio with you involving design systems, information architecture, and apps. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out either by phone or email.

Defining an Experience: Services
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