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Bounty: Image

Position: Pre-visualization Storyboards, Editor & Motion Graphics

Company: Bounty, Napoleon Group

Projects: Multiple Bounty Campaigns

Technologies: After Effects, Photoshop, Premiere Pro 

Bounty paper towels have been around since 1965. Most people would know them as the “Quicker Picker-Upper.” This commercial focuses on ditching your dish cloth. The visual display of ghost like food appearing on the baby’s tray could convert even the most die hard dish towel users.

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Bounty: Image

Though this commercial came together quickly there were some problems. Mainly with the computer-generated paper towel. The scans delivered to us were a different pattern than the one used on the actual product. It ended up being easier to walk to the local CVS and scan a sheet for ourselves. It may not be something the viewer would notice but when you live with a commercial those errors stand out.

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Consumer Reports reported (2014) the best paper towel was Bounty DuraTowel, followed by the next two on the list also being Bounty products.

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