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Vidal Sassoon

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Position: Pre-visualization Storyboards, Editor & Motion Graphics

Company: Vidal Sassoon, Napoleon Group

Projects: Multiple Vidal Sassoon Campaigns

Technologies: After Effects, Photoshop, Premiere Pro 

Vidal Sassoon knows exactly what they want in a commercial. This can be a blessing and a challenge. These commercials were a tall order with quick deadlines, complicated effects, and our need to always outdo the last commercial. While I edited a quick cut from pencil drawings I started to think about what movies had similar effects like the Matrix and the “Infinite Zoom” opening scene from Limitless.

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Early Story Board.png
Vidal Sassoon: Image

One scene allowed the camera to fly through row after row of Vidal Sassoon products. It became very taxing on the computer. What I enjoyed doing was continuing to rethink how this effect could be done until it was broken out and no problem for the computer. The reason why I continued to work on this was so I could deconstruct the principles and make it as simple as possible, not necessarily easier. Once all the pieces had been broken out then I could show anyone in the company how it was done and those principles could be used on other commercials without creating an effect that looked the same.

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Early Previsualization from Fade Out Sce
Vidal Sassoon: Image

It is great to work for a company with such an inspiring history. In 1965, Vidal Sassoon opened the first chain of worldwide hairstyling salons, complemented by a line of hair-treatment products that became an international brand.  Fifty years later and grounded in Sassoon’s desire for “everybody to have good hair,” P&G Beauty & Grooming is making salon genius available to all.

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