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Unilever owns over 400 brands, is one of the oldest multinational companies around, and has one of the most comprehensive design systems around.

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Position: Pre-visualization Storyboards, Editor & Motion Graphics

Company: Johnson & Johnson, Napoleon Group

Projects: Multiple Splenda Campaigns

Technologies: After Effects, Photoshop, Premiere Pro 

This particular Splenda commercial was fun to work on because of the locations and general feel. A few years earlier, Unilever used a successful Facebook campaign to find out what people enjoyed using Spenda for, morning coffee was high on the list. This is the best example of telling your customers about the benefits instead of features. We could have shouted how this works with your low carb diet. Instead the simple idea of sweetening up your day and enjoying what you have made a more lasting impression.

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I originally had one storyboard still in this post but really my favorite part of this commercial is the Delightful Discovery. There is just something about all those little details that make it work. I remember drawing a window in Photoshop, you can see it in the still, for the previsualization and then changing it to a window for the final commercial, an elegant double French Casement. When I watch this commercial that is all I can think of.

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I originally had too many photos of children by the books, then blurred them out, and finally removed most of them which you can see in the final commercail. This is about her enjoying the quiet. I often have a hard time believing a room with no personal pictures. One of these pictures of my grandmother on her 65th birthday and the others are an assortment of baby pictures.

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